JAgraffe: Changelog


  • Upgraded to IzPack 3.2.10 (and changed its license to Apache 2.0)
  • fixed shortcut creation for Freedesktop systems
  • fixed encoding for text files


  • removed ugly and useless big purple icon
  • fixed quality widget stealing focus from shortcuts
  • incremented scroll bar unit increment (mouse wheel friendly)
  • Changed image prefix from JA_ to IMGJ_
  • Added -server flags to JVM startup scripts
  • increased somewhat JVM Xmx


  • The displayed images really are the compressed jpeg images
  • Compression ratio can be changed now
  • When new images are Dnd into JAgraffe, the GUI scrolls down to the last image
  • Under the hood : some refactor


  • The launcher created on Linux should work now
  • Changed JPG compression quality back from 0.85 to 0.90
  • Included NOTICE.txt file for izpack
  • Added tooltip with filename for images
  • Added java.os.tmpdir path display
  • Dnd to external app now works straight from the images
  • Forbid Dnd twice the same picture into JAgraffe
  • Auto refresh when source image is changed
  • Display number of error and forbid DnD while number of error is not 0
  • Auto remove image from GUI when output image is deleted from temporary directory (to cope with the behavior of some file manager on Linux, that allow to move the files)
  • Added manifest file to jar


  • added automatic selection of the image group icon
  • Changed default resize to 640x?
  • Changed JPG compression quality from 0.90 to 0.85
  • Do not increase the size of a smaller image
  • Ask for quit confirmation, only with 0 images present


Initial version