JAgraffe: Install

Install on Windows

On Windows, a double click on file JAgraffe-install-x.x.x.jar starts the install of JAgraffe.

If you've installed a software to uncompress your files, that software may start instead of the install of JAgraffe. If this happen to you, you can try this : right click on file JAgraffe-install-x.x.x.jar and chose Open with... (on some versions of Windows, you may have to do Shift + Right click, else, you'll only see Open). Then, in the list of programs choose JAVA 2 Platform Standart Edition binary or javaw (You should also choose Always use the selected program to open this kind of file).

Install on Linux

On Linux, run the following command :
java -jar JAgraffe-install-x.x.x.jar

A shortcut should be created on your Desktop, but depending on your version of KDE or Gnome, it may not work. It the shortcut is not created use the script jagraffe.sh you'll find in the install directory.


You can directly reinstall a new version of JAgraffe on a previous version