JAgraffe: Welcome


JAgraffe is a software made to ease fast email sending with attached pictures when you only want to show the recipient a scaled down version of the pictures. It allows to quickly find the best weight/size ratio for a set of resized pictures.

JAgraffe is particularly meant for beginners who do not always know how to correctly send by email all these nice big pictures coming from their 7M pixels brand new camera. Even for an advanced user who often send pictures by email, JAgraffe should save time.


General Principle

Using JAgraffe to send pictures by email is as simple as performing two consecutive drag and drop

  • one from your file manager (where the original pictures are)
  • then one from JAggraffe to the email window

Note that

  • JAgraffe never modifies your pictures.
  • JAgraffe never deletes your pictures
  • JAgraffe should work with any email sotware that accepts drag and drop to attach documents to the email, on Linux (with JAVA 1.5+) and windows (with JAVA 1.4+)
  • The users of email web interfaces can not use drag and drop to attach the pictures, but they can fetch the scaled down pictures in the temporary directory of JAgraffe


JAgraffe is licensed under the terms of the liberal opensource licence Apache 2.0 and was developped in JAVA by Stephane Gallès. Source code is available in section download.