JAgraffe: FAQ


1. When I try to send the email with the attached pictures from JAgraffe, an error occurs

You must have closed JAgraffe before sending the email or saving a draft of the email. Send or save the email, then, close JAgraffe

2. Why doesn't JAgraffe allow me to save the scaled down pictures.

It is not its main aim. On the contrary, the aim is not to save the scaled down pictures. The scaled down version of the picture is deleted when JAgraffe is closed.

3. But I really want to save the scaled down images !

OK, you can drag and drop the scaled down pictures from JAgraffe to your favorite file manager.

4. If I must scale down a picture and I need a very good output quality, should I use JAgraffe ?

No. There are very powerful imaging software, and JAgraffe does not claim to be an image processing software. You'd rather use The Gimp.

5. What software was used to draw the icons

The Gimp

6. The icons are all purple, I don't like this color, what should I do ?

Modify the Red-Green-Blue settings of your monitor, the icons color should be modified, and the rest of the screen too (just joking...of course...)

7. Why must I install JAVA 1.5+ on Linux ?

Because the drag and drop protocole XDND used for example by KDE or Gnome does not work with JAVA 1.4

8. How can I change the directory where the temporary scaled down pictures are saved when JAgraffe is working.

Add the parameter -Djava.io.tmpdir=PATH in the run command of JAgraffe, where PATH is the absolute path to the target directory

9. What is a GPG signature ?

Short answer, it allows to authenticate a file origin. Long answer : here.