JAgraffe: Usage


  • Drag and drop your JPG pictures from your favorite file manager on the window of JAgraffe.
  • Whenever you want, change the target size of the scaled-down pictures. The pictures are displayed with their real size and quality after the image scaling.
  • In the same time, check the displayed total size of the pictures after the image scaling. Modify the size of the pictures in order to get a total size than can be sent by email (less than 1000Kb seems to be a good size)
  • Choose the right order for the pictures
  • Drag and drop one of the pictures displayed in JAgraffe on the window of your email, all the resized pictures are going to be attached to your email
  • Send your email, or save a draft of your email.
  • You can now close JAgraffe.

When a picture is already smaller than the target size, the picture is not resized.


Change the order of the images : move up one of the selected images
Change the order of the images : move down one of the selected images
Remove from JAgraffe the selected images. The original images are not deleted

Image selection

Before being able to remove a picture from the list, you must select at least one picture

Command Description
Click (on the picture) Both select a new picture, and deselect the previous one
Click + Control (on the picture) Selects a picture, keeping the current selection
Click + Shift (on a picture) Select all the pictures to the next selected picture
Control + A Select all the pictures

Del remove a selected picture